Why Choose Star's Mobile Patrol?

Peace of Mind

In today's unpredictable world, keeping your property secure is a 24/7/365 priority. Star Protection and Patrol is here to help! We provide high-visibility, fast-response mobile patrols throughout Wisconsin and a cost-effective solution for top-notch security monitoring around the clock.

  • Armed or unarmed security officers available.
  • Mobile patrols performed by the most experienced security officers.
  • Safety of your employees, customers and other visitors is ensured with our Rapid Response capability.
  • Random security patrol to deter vandalism and theft.
  • Patrol officers can perform a number of security-related tasks, including locking or unlocking doors, gates, windows, or setting alarms.
  • The "bad guys" see the lights of our vehicles and take off before they even get a foot on your property.

Customizable Security Services

  • Interior building inspections and walk-throughs
  • External building inspections with random checks of parking lots, vehicles, storage lots and outbuildings, along with exterior lighting, doors and windows
  • System checks to physically monitor your property's HVAC or other operating system(s), interior doors and lighting
  • Security escorts for your employees or clients to parking lots or other areas of the property
  • Security systems – activation or deactivation
  • Bank drops – escort employees to the bank or make deposits
  • Lock and unlock service to open and close your business or facility according to your specifications – especially beneficial to property managers or owners who are not always able to be on-site
  • Documentation of all security activity at your business or facility
  • Warning decals provided for doors, windows, outbuildings or any other areas as an added security measure

Additional Security Services

  • Secure Patient/Inmate Transport
  • Emergency Response
  • Investigative Services
  • 24-Hour Contact Service
  • Personal Protection
  • Legal Document Process Serving

Mobile Patrol

Ensuring residential and corporate security, rely on our uniformed officers in a law enforcement style vehicle to conduct a thorough building and property inspection.

Security Officers

On-site security officers – uniformed or in business professional attire – are trained to monitor the premises for all types of businesses.

Document Serving

Our process servers are available to serve a variety of legal documents 24/7.


We provide the best security training in the industry which results in some of the best patrol officers in the Fox Cities and Wisconsin.

Crime Reports

In today’s unpredictable world, keeping your property secure is a 24/7/365 priority.

Peace of Mind

Protecting your property and providing peace of mind is our security company’s top priority.